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The ECOPOTENTIAL community on Zenodo: How to find the ECOPOTENTIAL data and products?

Besides the information available through the ECOPOTENTIAL website,  ECOPOTENTIAL data and products are also archived in the Zenodo repository (https://zenodo.org). Zenodo can be searched directly either using a human-friendly interface from its homepage or using a machine to machine API (https://developers.zenodo.org/). ECOPOTENTIAL products stored in Zenodo and in other repositories and websites (e.g. publications also stored in the institutional repositories of the authors) are also searchable using the OpenAire search engine.
To facilitate findability, all products are grouped within the Zenodo ECOPOTENTIAL community called: “ECOPOTENTIAL: the legacy”, accessible using this link: [https://zenodo.org/communities/ecopotentialh2020/]
On the right side of the community frontpage, it is possible to read the keywords used by the community, that should help to find relevant products. Pushing on the search button of the community and leaving the search field empty, it is possible to obtain the counts of the most used keywords and a link to access directly to the related products.
Through the search field it is possible to search over all metadata, as for example:
It is possible to restrict the search to keywords metadata; e.g. typing
Keyword = mountains
in the search field, only products classified by the keyword “mountains” will be retrieved. Note that the number of records obtained by searching the specific keyword will be different (e.g. some journal articles cite the word “mountains” but do not have “mountains” in keywords). To get records that contain keywords composed by more words, use quotation marks, as for example
Keyword = ”Gran Paradiso”
For searching two different keywords in the same document, use the operator AND, as for example:
keywords="EO_Biophysical" AND "Murgia Alta".
Multiple searches can also be performed by selecting the items from the menu on the left. Documents can also be searched by type (e.g. PDF, .txt, .xml files…) and a mix of features (e.g. by keywords and type). Please pay attention to push again on the link to frontpage of the community to start a new search, given that consecutive Zenodo searches are cumulative and empty space is understood as the logical operator OR. Also please pay attention to check, by looking in the URL name, that the search is done within ECOPOTENTIAL community, as some links within the records can lead you out of the community page.