We are pleased to release the 2018  and 2019 ECOPOTENTIAL calendars!

The calendars show a different protected area each month, displaying a picture of the landscape or an iconic species, a remote sensing image and a very brief explanation of the research work made in ECOPOTENTIAL.  The cover picture depicts a view of Gran Paradiso's massif with a close-up of the Eriophorum scheuchzeri.

2018 calendar can be downloaded here

2019 calendar can be downloaded here

Please print them  - donate them  - publish them !! share them !!
They are released under the Creative Common Licence BY-NC-ND: see: Creative_Commons_license#Seven_regularly_used_licenses
that allows free reproduction and use of the calendar  for non commercial use but no partial reproduction or modification - and grants the photo copyrights to authors.
We thank all partners who contributed with pictures, texts and RS images..