The ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory

The ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory Platform (VLab) is a major output of the ECOPOTENTIAL project. Its development and enhancement has also been supported by other H2020 projects (EOSC-hub, EDGE, ERA-PLANET) where VLab was used to develop showcases including the ECOPOTENTIAL/ERA-PLANET joint application presented at the GEO-XVI PLENARY.
VLab is a tool for facilitating the publication and invocation of scientific workflows supporting evidence-based decision-making in ecology. It allows connecting Earth Observation data and products with knowledge from experts (scientific models and workflows) for ecological studies to be used by end users such as scientists or decision-makers in protected areas. The VLab makes data and models interoperable through data brokering and software containerization technologies.
It primarily targets modellers who want to port their model onto the Virtual Laboratory and hence sharing the knowledge generated in their project.
All the workflows, modules and models generated within ECOPOTENTIAL are accessible through the Vlab.

Modelers can access to the Vlab through this URL: https://vlab.geodab.org/

Online documentation on the VLab is available at: https://confluence.geodab.eu.

Further information can be found on:
    • The dedicated youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiZvNGjFUzns5AlYpipJfdA
    • The technical Report on the Design of the ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory: http://www.ecopotential-project.eu/images/ecopotential/documents/D10.1v2.pdf

 See also VLab factsheet

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