A bird’s eye view over the ECOPOTENTIAL project
The ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory
The ECOPOTENTIAL online data services on the ECOPOTENTIAL VLab
Examples of ECOPOTENTIAL Earth Observation products
ECOPOTENTIAL: Integration of Earth Observation in ecological modelling
GEO Plenary, Washington 2017: ECOPOTENTIAL products
GEO Plenary, Washington 2017: ECOPOTENTIAL in a nutshell
ILTER, Kruger (South Africa) 2017: ECOPOTENTIAL presentation
ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016: Marine food provision ecosystem services assessment using EO products
ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016: Monitoring land cover changes over National Parks with EO
LCLUC Spring Science Team Meeting 2016: ECOPOTENTIAL presentation
Wetlands Symposium, Seville (Spain) 2015: ECOPOTENTIAL presentation
Dynamic Planet: ECOPOTENTIAL presentation
GEO plenary 2017 poster1
GEO plenary 2017 poster2
GEO plenary 2018 final
GEO plenary 2019 general poster
GEO plenary 2019 EO products


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