Science for post 2020 Environmental targets

Insights from Earth Observation of Protected Areas

On Sept 27th 2018  ECOPOTENTIAL  has been presented at the European Parliament during the event "Science for Post 2020 Environmental Targets - Insights from Earth Observation of Protected Areas, co-organised by ECOPOTENTIAL, IUCN and UNEP/WCMC, and hosted by MEPs Ricardo Serrão Santos and Sirpa Pietikäinen. The event brought to the attention of the Parliament the findings and recommendations on the conservation of natural ecosystems and the management of European protected areas that emerged in the ECOPOTENTIAL project, with the aim of contributing to providing the scientific knowledge needed to define the future EU policy framework on the conservation of biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

The position expressed by the ECOPOTENTIAL project has been presented during the meeting as “back ground document”, now made available in this booklet entitled:   “Science for post 2020 Environmental targets: Insights from Earth Observation of Protected Areas”. This document represents the view of the ECOPOTENTIAL project on the use of Earth Observations for improving nature conservation policies.

Here is the document


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