University of Bergen (UiB) is an international University which has been part of many EU projects. Department of Geography (DoG) at UiB) has long experience in providing crucial information that facilitates public management to make sound decision on both local and regional level. In collaboration with Department of Biology (UiB), which is partly in charge of a research station at Hardangervidda, the two departments have together the infrastructure and network needed to compile archived information and new information to promote sustainable management of the National Park.


Principal Investigator:

Ole R. Vetaas took his PhD at University of Bergen (UiB) in 1992. He was appointed as a research at Centre for Development studies in 1993, and was permanently employed as senior researcher in 2007 at UNI Research in Bergen. He was appointed as associated professor and later as full professor at Department of Geography (UiB) 2010/2011. Vetaas has been a leader of several international projects in mountainous areas in the Himalayas. He has long record of interdisciplinary research promoting sustainable management of ecosystem services. He has a strong publication list with 45 articles published in international peer-review journals including articles in journals with high impact factor such as Global Ecology and Biogeography, American Naturalist, and Journal of Biogeography. These articles are frequently cited (total 1283 citations, h-index 17, ISI Web of Science). He also has several popular science articles.
In Ecopotential he participates in WP5.